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bharvey2 -

Yes you are correct that some do carry talkgroups across networks and others do not. The example was only mentioned in regards to statewides as that is what seems to be carried for sure along with some of the TAC's. However, like you said it is not always the case as some have started to lock out TAC's due to looping and other issues.

Furthermore, if we drill down some more reflectors can crossover also to talkgroups and that adds a whole other layer of complexity. Like I said best advice is to play and see what is on that repeater and especially timeslots. I have seen many instances where someone has a certain TG on TS2 on a DMR-MARC and then it is on TS1 on a BM.

Main thing is to have fun and enjoy exploring the world from your handheld in your living room.
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