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Originally Posted by pumicet View Post
I know this is an old thread, but I think my question is relevant and may be of interest.

I'd like to set up a way to record audio (from a scanner) for many hours, and then take the resulting file and trim out all the dead air (this is easy in Adobe Audition).

Or, as an alternative, if the recording software is smart enough, just have it only record above a threshold (-60dB, for example).

Ideally, I'd love to have this audio uploaded to my server, and possibly more stuff after that, but one step at a time here.

Is there a suggested Raspberry Pi hardware combination for something like this?
Simple answer, yes. Set up darkice on the pi, stream to broadcastify. All Broadcastify streams are recorded and archived for 90 days. Save them to your computer if you want to keep them longer. Remove the dead air using Audacity.

More complicated answer is also yes. Refer to these instructions:

Instructions to set up darkice/pi are on the Radio Reference WIKI.
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