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Umpteen years ago our local radio club (at the time) asked everyone to bring in their scanners for a "show and tell " night and we had a tech from some local place with a whole load of test gear. I had an AOR 2002 at the time which I thought was working pretty well - and it was - on the test bench but quite a few (including mine) couldn't hack the pace when it came to overload, cross-mod and the other tricky stuff. Someone had a 'modified' Icom R7000 that performed very well and beat all the 'cheapies'. When my 2002 packed a sad and took out the front end I bought a used Yaesu VR5000 but that succumbed to the LCD display problem although I can still run it through remote programming. So now I have a used R7000 that was not without it's problems but now runs perfectly and is very sensitive and selective. Heavy tank it is too. Apologies for going OT, I have never owned a 9600 - I don't recall seeing one at the 'show and tell' - a lot of the JIL 400 (?) receivers though.
Cheers - Martin ZL2MC - Palmerston North
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