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Default Rf Exposure with a mag loop, and MFJ 1622, Buddistick effectiveness

Looking into the possibilities of HF antennas for an apartment. Magnetic loop antennas seem to be really popular but I'm concerned about RF exposure issues. It seems the voltage of these is quite strong however in doing an RF assessment based on the ARRL web page calculators, I I do not know what the gain of a magnetic loop antenna is so I do not know what a safe distance would be. My power output would be no more than 100 watts pep, which comes out to a maximum average power of 40 watts, per the assessment guidelines. I figure I would be 8-10 feet away from the antenna

Also, looking at the MFJ 1622 and Buddistick as a quick way to get on the air. How effective are these if mounted outside on the balcony? I also have attic access so that might be a possibility. The attic is all wood and composition shingles so very little metal that I can see.

Again, when calculating RF exposure levels is it safe to assume these have the same gain as a dipole?
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