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It's the worst decision they could ever make. SIMPLEX WORKS when networked infrastructure fails, or is out of range. There is no simplex on a stupid smartphone! The logical design choice is what they have already incorporated outside of the failed IWIN trunked network. That was never going to work "everywhere". Didn't they learn anything from that? Conventional repeaters with direct simplex capability works. You can occasionally lose a single repeater, or backhaul connectivity to a single transmitter, but overlap in coverage design along with simplex comms will still provide communications capability. Putting all you eggs in one (network) basket (where it all depends on a single control channel being accessible at all times) is a really bad idea. Agents would be put at great risk!

You would hope there were real RADIO people making intelligent decisions about radio systems, and not just some snot-nosed IT weenies with their dumb "apps" who know nothing about how radio really works! I can see that played-out looooser "Paul", who Sprint recycled after Verizon dumped him many years ago, talking into his FBI dumbphone app asking "Can you hear me now?". What a pathetic statement about how far the communications industry has fallen. It's all about the sell, and qualified people need not apply.

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