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In addition to all of the good points that have been made on this thread, let's not forget that the law enforcement agency using these apps has zero control over the wireless company's infrastructure if it were to go down. They would be at the beck and call of the techs/repair folks. Whereas they have full control of their LMR system and can actually go to the damaged site and get it running again in a relatively short time. Heck even if the site were to have sustained catastrophic damage, temporary alternate sites can go up in no time.

With all this being said, are we assuming that they are doing away with their LMR system? Just because they're making the app available to the entire agency may not necessarily mean they are shutting off LMR. There are agencies out there right now with said app (or similar) that use it as a secondary means of communication, mostly being used by admin/office staff and possibly even augmenting covert ops.
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