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Default More news - v.6.0007-006b

I was asked by a Customer if it would be possible to transfer blocks of frequencies from a 'Q-DB' text file to an AR-DV1 Memory Bank as a single operation.

I must confess I was not sure, but realised it would 'Square The Circle' re 'Q', and since 'Q' itself started out as an impossible dream, I did my best.

I have a fully working 'BETA' already, which effectively means with 'Q' you will also be able to quickly import frequencies from many sources to a 'Q-DB' file, view and scan them as now, but additionally if you want, transfer them to the Radio's Memory Banks should you wish or need to.

I many cases the function will be automatic, in some a small amount of User inter-action may be necessary, but much faster and easier than entering them manually to the Radio alone, or other methods involving typing into Spreadsheets, and then uploading them 'blind'. (not 'knocking' that method at all, it has its uses)

The new version (006B) is back to the stage of in depth testing before general release, but I will keep people informed.

SO WATCH THIS SPACE - if you do not know what 'Q' can do already as yet, then you are missing something very interesting. Download the free Trial from and read the (accursed) Manual if nothing else. Even if you do not have an AR-DV1 yet it is worth installing the program and reading all about the program, especially 'Q'.

(Some people might and probably will say it is just another example of how unprofessional I must be, spending several more 16 hours days adding something for a program that requires a Manual, but I will just have to risk that. I am impressed how so many of eSPYonARD's 'virtues' can be dismissed as 'vices' though, in other threads, and a program's lack of many functions indicates superiority over one that has so many. Just mentioning it, as I still refuse to play that sort of game, lol.)
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