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Originally Posted by MSS-Dave View Post
Do you have the latest firmware installed? is the latest. I've see a discussion on this, might be in this forum so search back a bit. I've sold 1 PD982 but I didn't get a chance to even look at it before it went out. I have a PD782 but it does not have that issue.

Are you using the "always treble boost" or "LQO"? There is also digital and analog noise suppression defaulted on, you might try checking those off. I would figure these would only apply to RX but help text says RX and TX...go figure. The hiss is probably something to do with the DSP engine in the radio and some setting jacked up way too high.

I don't have the always treble boost on. I'll try these settings and see what I can come up with. The firmware I have it not sure if this is newer than Thanks for the info!!!

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