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Default PHX Fire

Not any time soon. Phoenix Fire did testing a few years back and analog was proven to provide better audio clarity in most situations especially in "hazard" situations that require use of an SCBA. 700/800mhz analog was proven to work the best, but as Phoenix already had an extensive VHF receiver infrastructure in place, they chose to enhance the VHF system rather than start from scratch with a 700/800mhz analog system for fire.

The full report can be found here:

Even though this was done in 2004, there has not been a major change in digital communications as it is still P25 for most Public Safety. Now with P25 Phase 2, audio quality is slightly worse at the gain of better spectrum efficiency. Until there is a major advancement in digital, it seems analog is here to stay at least in Phoenix. Mesa is now even moving back to a VHF analog system for fire after being digital for many years.

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