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Moved from its original place since it has nothing to do with mounting issues. Please don't hijack a discussion, as it's considered a big no no here.

I've been doing some looking at this myself as I am in a condo with no way to have an outdoor antenna. These have been long considered to be the king of the mountain, but the cost in the US is really high due to import fees. The Pixel is somewhat better in this regard (it's still very expensive even if it's made in the US), and there are evaluations one way or the other that one is better than the other. However the topic of receive loops has started to get more attention from other manufacturers, and there are even a number of homebrew designs out there. In addition, there's a loop put out by W6LVP that has garnered a little attention because his price is roughly 1/2 of the Wellbrook, but it seems to perform really well. Check out the loops wiki (link below) for more on this topic...

Loops - The RadioReference Wiki

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