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I have one, mounted on top of my shed, maybe about 10 feet off of the ground, and on a rotor. I scoped out the "quietest" area of my yard and chose this spot. I live in an extremely noisy environment, suburban-type neighborhood with 1/4 acre lots, and of course everyone is running every type of tech gadget imaginable which is a killer on HF reception from my experience. I used wire antennas and actually gave up HF listening as a result of my frustration. The Wellbrook loop has made a huge improvement for me, the noise floor is extremely low. Signals are not as strong as they might be on a wire and/or an antenna cut for a particular frequency range but they don't need to be. Having the loop on a rotor makes it even better as any remaining interference whether it's man made or an unwanted station can be somewhat or totally nulled out by rotating it.

I thought about this for over a year before finally biting the bullet and I'm glad I did.
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