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Originally Posted by Boombox View Post
I don't know much about that radio but I think it has an external antenna switch, which would probably affect the whip antenna (which would affect both FM and SW reception).

Have you exercised the external antenna switch (if it has one)? Could have become oxidized from disuse before you bought it.

Is the AM / MW band working at all? If it is, chances are that that radio still works well.
I have tried moving the EXT/INT switch a few times and it has made no difference, I can tell that the switch does work though because when I use to the whip to receive the one station near me, I loose reception when I turn it to EXT, but I get it back when I touch the connector with my screwdriver.

As for the AM/MW bands, from what I can tell they are completely dead, that only reception I have been able to get with this radio is on the FM band and the only station I can receive has a transmitter around one mile from my house.
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