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Originally Posted by RFI-EMI-GUY View Post
I have an HP536BCD and the internal speaker is crap. So I have a Motorola Spectra speaker attached and it behaves much better. Headphones are even better. Aside from occasional simulcast TDI, it normally sounds good. Dispatch is generally very readable. Some users voices do not translate well through the P25 IMBE Vocoder and are muffled. Also fast talkers seem to bring down the Vocoder performance.

Wideband FM is still king, I played around with some ancient Securenet DES recently and compared to P25 it is not all that bad. There is quantization noise, no denying that. However there is virtually no throughput delay and voice recognition is good.
Does IMBE suffer as much as AMBE from popping?

I found that DMR has problems with such sounds.
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