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Originally Posted by EricCottrell View Post

Any nearby MW stations will have a high signal level out of the loop and can overload some receivers and SDRs. I use a MW Band-Reject filter. I bring the loop down to the Winter SWLFest for the listener lounge. You can see the Roxborough site from the balcony, and the MW Band-Reject filter is required to tame the overload. Not a problem when using my WJ-8711A or Racal receivers.

I was surprised at the VLF stations I can pickup with the loop. Cutler, Maine is strong here, but I also see stations from Europe.
And it works great at the SWL Fest, even on a balcony overlooking a shopping mall across the street (which is no doubt loaded with any number of noise generating widgets). The super-high-end receivers Eric and others bring to play with combined with the Wellbrook makes SWLing a real pleasure at the Fest. . . as long as you can get past all the hubbub in the room.

If I wasn't in a deed-restricted neighborhood I'd seriously consider getting one and installing it at the end of my garage, away from the house. If Congress ever gets around to passing the limited preemption of CC&Rs bill, I may be able to get away with it.
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