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Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
What P25 system are you trying to listen to? All the numerous ones that I have been able to work with all sound fine. The audio is clean and not distorted.

I do have to inject a slight negative here also. If the radio techs didn't do their due diligence on aligning a simulcast system, then you could have issues in the tower overlap regions with distorted audio. But that is not the norm for a well adjusted system.

If a system does have these problems, then the radio manager needs to get on the case of the radio vendor and get them corrected.
I've heard P25 on several systems.All have the same basic audio quality.Many people just get use to it and don't complain anymore.Most PD and FD users initially complain about the audio quality once switched over to P25 and then after finding out that there is nothing that can really be done about it,generally stop complaining.

Originally Posted by milf View Post
Folks still don't get it. Scanners never will sound or work like an actual system radio on p25.

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I'm not basing my observations on scanners or hobby SDR's.

Originally Posted by BIODTL1997 View Post
".I still don't know how P25 ever managed to be considered acceptable for federal or public safety applications.It's usually a squawky unintelligible mess compared to analog."

P25 sounds perfectly good on every Motorola radio I/I've owned. If you're basing that observation on a scanner, yes, it can certainly be a mess.
No scanners.P25 radios.Harris/M/A-COM,Thales etc...

Originally Posted by RFI-EMI-GUY View Post
Some users voices do not translate well through the P25 IMBE Vocoder and are muffled. Also fast talkers seem to bring down the Vocoder performance.
Yep,I've noticed the same on several systems using P25 capable radios.It also happens with AMBE+2 vocoders.
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