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Originally Posted by wa8pyr View Post
And it works great at the SWL Fest, even on a balcony overlooking a shopping mall across the street (which is no doubt loaded with any number of noise generating widgets). The super-high-end receivers Eric and others bring to play with combined with the Wellbrook makes SWLing a real pleasure at the Fest. . . as long as you can get past all the hubbub in the room.

If I wasn't in a deed-restricted neighborhood I'd seriously consider getting one and installing it at the end of my garage, away from the house. If Congress ever gets around to passing the limited preemption of CC&Rs bill, I may be able to get away with it.
I purchased a Wellbrook ALA-1530 over the Winter. Got a good deal on Ebay which included the antenna as well as remote mounting/control cables. I live in a condo/townhouse community but I am seriously considering mounting it outside. Many of my neighbors have DirectTV and DISH receivers mounted on the outside of their units. My Wellbrook is smaller and less obtrusive than those dish antennas. It will be barely noticeable. If anyone asks me about I will simply tell them it is just another satellite receiver antenna (technically it is
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