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Default Progress report

In case anyone is interested in current progress regarding the next update, here is a bit of news.

I am tweaking things at the moment, especially regarding the bulk transfer of 'Q-DB' files to a Memory Bank

One of 'Q''s features is the ability to leave the Radio running during a Search and it creates an intelligent 'Q' List of all the frequencies that are active, time and date stamped, which is saved automatically.

The list is 'intelligent' because it does not create a new line if the same frequency 'opens' again, just updates the date and time. In effect you know exactly what frequencies are active where you are, but you do not have the inconvenience of many 'repeated' entries being added each time the squelch opens.

Of course as with all 'Q' lists they are inter-active i.e. clicking on a frequency line transfers the Frequency and Mode to the AR-DV1.

Today's tweak means the program will automatically distinguish if the list displayed is one obtained from either an automatic 'Q-SEARCH', or the other useful list that is created just by right clicking the VFOA button whenever an interesting frequency is discovered.

Up till now the lists have solely been stored in text files on the P.C., which is of course very convenient for many reasons, but now the program can transfer the entire contents of either of the above lists to a selected Memory Bank in one operation.

That operation is entirely automatic. No User intervention is ever required because the lists created by the above are already in the exact format required. Just a few mouse clicks are necessary.

I still want to do a few days thorough testing, but 6.0007-006B should be available at the Web Site within a few days.

AND the answer to he question is:- "No, I don't have time to sleep, too busy with eSPYonARD", lol.
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