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Originally Posted by sibbley View Post
Since these frequencies show RAN of 23, does it make sense that they are part of the Stroudsburg (WPMZ692) site?

From WNUF588:

2017/05/09 19:02:36 Freq=464.187500 RAN=23 Group call; TG=761 RID=5771
2017/05/09 19:02:38 Freq=464.950000 RAN=23 Group call; TG=761 RID=5770 [---] 6s
2017/05/09 19:02:58 Freq=461.912500 RAN=23 Group call; TG=761 RID=5771 [---] 9s
Yes it does. That wouldn't always be the case, as Eric Cottrell has pointed out, since sites above 64 would also have similar RANs. But, since this system currently doesn't have 64 sites you now that 23 is actually 23, and that any frequency with a RAN of 23 and part of a license for Stroudsburg would be a Stroudsburg frequency.

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