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Welcome to RadioReference avavida,

Originally Posted by avavida View Post
But with pages in the revision history database, URLs are different
Content that has been removed from a Wiki page should be considered invalid
As you would expect for any Wiki page, the current-page supersedes previous versions of the page. Therefore if you find a link on an old version of that page which is not listed on the current version, then the link is currently considered invalid (for whatever reason -- either the link is dead or no longer points to valid information related to that Wiki page).

How to avoid the "old-page-version" pitfall
If you use a search-engine to find an RR Wiki page, you might get a result that points to an old version of an RR Wiki page. When you navigate to that found Wiki page, you should always click the "Page" button (2nd button in the left navigation column) to go to the current version of that page. This will help you ensure that you are always looking at the current page, unless you deliberately want to see an out-of-date version. This way, you can trust that the links on the current page should work, and can avoid accidentally expecting links on an outdated page to work.

Hope this helps,
73 QDP
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