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Originally Posted by JASII View Post
I am currently a Verizon customer. One of the main reasons that I have it is because it seems to have the best coverage across the entire United States. I would consider switching, however, if AT&T leaps past Verizon in terms of better coverage. Does anybody here have any wild speculation of when that is likely to happen?
I've discovered that, too. I've got an AT&T work phone and some of my guys have Verizon. Verizon often works in places my phone won't. Of course that's all a location dependent thing.

So, as far as I know, the LTE Band 14 stuff is for first responders. I don't recall reading anything that said AT&T could sell unused bandwidth to consumers. If that was the case, I'd suspect we'd see some benefit to end users.

However, since AT&T will be expected to provide coverage in certain areas, and the big cost of that is building the site, tower, enclosure, power, backhaul, etc, it would make sense for them to add some of their own consumer cellular capacity to the site.
Where this would be in question is if FirstNet is going to require coverage in places that currently do not have consumer cellular coverage. The decisions about what to cover and what not to cover will depend on the states. There will be no reasonable way that FirstNet or AT&T can provide 100% coverage across country, so they are going to have to make some decisions about what constitutes a good investment of FirstNet dollars, and what will be skipped over.
My understanding, so far, is that FirstNet will be primarily in urban and suburban areas. There isn't much value in spending limited dollars on very rural or wilderness areas for public safety.
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