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Originally Posted by W9BU View Post
It will be interesting to see how AT&T deals with providing FirstNet coverage in rural areas.
I'm personally of the opinion that AT&T has one of the better voice networks. However, best data network goes hands down to Verizon (I'm an AT&T customer for the record).

As you said, it'll be interesting to see how they build it out. One of my major arguments concerning the impracticability of FirstNet is the lack of current coverage to many areas in the US. For example, a Big 12 college location one can wander 5 miles past city limits and see the little 3G icon pop up on their phones with AT&T...get off a decent road and your Edge icon pops up if you have service at all. Unfortunately, a public safety grade system requires 100% coverage, anything less and your simply throwing away taxpayer money.

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