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Document everything!
and .........
Keep a 'cheat sheet' handy for restarting everything after power outages etc.

I run eleven computers and 40 Uniden scanners.
Each computer has at least 9TB of hard drives (in addition to the boot drive).

I used to try keeping everything in my head but it nearly made my head explode.
Now, recovery is methodical if not quick.

It can take me a few hours to get everything back to normal.

Each computer has three internal sound cards. Each a different make/model.

Some brands of USB sound cards can be finicky.
Some of them come back up with the volume reset to HIGH, some hang the USB bus, some come back up with the audio AGC set too high and that creates background noise.

Other than that, it can be LOTS of fun.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also have a few scanners set up for full remote control using FreeScan servers.
Along with RemoteFS on an Android phone.


This is an extract from my cheat sheet showing just two of my computers.
The note about unplugging all USB sound cards no long applies. I narrowed that down to just one brand.


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