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I am not holding much hope for AT&T to walk into this LTE project and come out the other side with much to show for a functional, country wide system. I base this on their very poor performance with their land line operation and the mentality that the corporate management have towards their customers.

Let me elaborate from personal experience. When I first moved into my current house, AT&T would not even supply a DSL connection for Internet service. The company was spouting about fiber to the house. But asked if there were any plans to supply fiber here, the answer was no.

So I filed a formal complaint with the FCC. About 2 month later, I get a phone call from the AT&T corporate office. This lady explained to me that the company has no plans to add additional equipment to provide a DSL connection. Then she goes on to say that there are no plans to provide fiber in this sub division.

In another light of AT&T mentality, I was paying $85 a month for my land line connection. Contacted the local cable company. They told me that if I combined my business Internet service with phone service, they could provide all sorts of the same features that AT&T was providing for only $30 a month. So I kissed AT&T good by and now have both a high speed Internet and a phone in the house and pay $55 less than AT&T was charging me.

So now that the country is looking at AT&T to provide this wonderful new LTE public safety radio system nation wide, I don't expect to see it any place but in big cities. AT&T will start complaining it is too expensive to provide the service out in any rural area.

Gee, isn't what this new LTE, Public safety radio system is all about? Time will tell just how AT&T acts on building out the new LTE, nation wide system. My bet is we never see it outside the cities, based on how AT&T has functioned in the past. If it was bell South, then that would be a whole different story.

Before Bell South became AT&T, there was a whole different mind set. The customer came first and the cost wasn't the main goal. Now the new AT&T management have no concern for the customer, just the bottom financial line and their pay check with the bonus.

Prove me wrong. I have been in the cellular business for a very long time and been working on public safety radio systems even longer. Have seen a number of radio companies drop by the wayside during this time. have seen a number of cellular companies get bought up or just die on the vine over the years. But this AT&T LTE venture with First Net is going to be interesting to say the least.

One other interesting outcome we will start to see is all the tower rental companies that were making a fortune on leasing these 400 to 600 foot towers are about to see their bottom line fall like a rock. If you look at these tall towers, the cellular antennas are no longer at the top. The cellular antennas being used are now down much lower on these towers. They are starting to look like a pine tree that got infested by the bark beetles. All the top cellular antennas have been cut off. Maybe they have been left there, but no longer used. The companies leasing the space, have just abandoned them. This goes against their lease, but the leasing companies have done little to enforce the clause that these antennas must be removed.

The reason these antennas are no longer being used at the top of these tall towers is capacity for the cellular systems. With the antenna lowered, you can reuse the same frequencies closer on other towers. With the tall towers, they covered a large area. Now with the demand for more customers using the system, the only way is to add more sites and reuse the frequencies on towers with the antennas lower to cover a smaller area.

Let's sit back and see how many of us feel what the outcome is. Going to be an interesting several years now to see just what happens.
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