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Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
I am not holding much hope for AT&T to walk into this LTE project and come out the other side with much to show for a functional, country wide system. I base this on their very poor performance with their land line operation and the mentality that the corporate management have towards their customers.
To be fair, AT&T wireline and AT&T Mobility are essentially two different companies. While the name is the same and the top tier guys are the same, that's about where it stops. I've got a few AT&T Mobility cell sites here where I work. They needed more bandwidth as part of their LTE buildout. Watching the interface between AT&T wireline coming through our MPOE to the cell site and AT&T mobility was a bit humorous. The term "bunch of monkeys trying to hump a football" came to mind.

Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
So now that the country is looking at AT&T to provide this wonderful new LTE public safety radio system nation wide, I don't expect to see it any place but in big cities. AT&T will start complaining it is too expensive to provide the service out in any rural area.
I do suspect you are correct. While there are certain requirements built into the contract, AT&T has a lot of lawyers and will find a way to weasel out of some of it. I fully expect that AT&T will start chipping away at the final deliverable, diverting resources to more profitable endeavors.

AT&T is going to have to do that to make this work, and I suspect the guys at FirstNet know that. While I'm sure the contracts are all very binding and legal, we all know that contracts are things to be broken when they don't serve the needs of one of the parties. This is what lawyers are for, and AT&T has a lot of them.

Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
Gee, isn't what this new LTE, Public safety radio system is all about? Time will tell just how AT&T acts on building out the new LTE, nation wide system. My bet is we never see it outside the cities, based on how AT&T has functioned in the past. If it was bell South, then that would be a whole different story.
Again, I agree.
However, the building out of the urban FirstNet LTE structure will be pretty easy. While I don't know for sure, I'm betting it's just a software/minor hardware upgrade for the existing 700MHz LTE base stations. I'd be really surprised if this is going to be all new equipment. Increasing bandwidth is going to be easy, most urban sites are on fiber already, so that's cheap.
Where the costs will come from is site hardening. Where AT&T suffers now is lack of back up generators at their sites and limited/poorly maintained battery plants.

Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
Before Bell South became AT&T, there was a whole different mind set. The customer came first and the cost wasn't the main goal. Now the new AT&T management have no concern for the customer, just the bottom financial line and their pay check with the bonus.
MaBell really knew how to do things. I hired a couple of ex AT&T guys that were just fed up with the way things were going. Some of the best trained, knowledgeable and hardest working techs I work with are ex-AT&T guys. The guys we get when AT&T does a service call now are lacking. Getting repairs done is difficult. Often it's some guy from well out of the area, doesn't know where any of the facilities are, isn't equipped, etc. My trust in AT&T wireline is pretty much gone, and that is a common feeling across the industry.

Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
Let's sit back and see how many of us feel what the outcome is. Going to be an interesting several years now to see just what happens.
Yeah, times, they are a changing, that's for sure.

Just for kicks, I keep an old Motorola brick phone here in my office. Fun to pull it out when someone start complaining….
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