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Default v.60007-006B

I have just uploaded '006B' to

I realise there have been three updates in fairly quick succession, but they were created because Users contacted me with good ideas, that were worth the effort of including, and expanding upon.

Perhaps the most significant is the ability to transfer an entire 'Q-DB' frequency list to an AR-DV1 Memory Bank automatically.

Many hours of testing, and even more creating the new functions and improvements.

As usual, if anyone experiences any technical issues or has ideas for future functions, please contact me, but do not post here.

I rarely reply to technical queries on Forums, it just clogs them up.

There are two icons at the Web Page that enable anyone to contact me by email. You can always expect quick replies and assistance.

For any new readers, the Trial program can be downloaded from the Site. It is free and available for as long as you wish to try it, however there are some limitations applied.

Still worth mentioning that if you do not know what a 'Q-DB' list is, then you are unaware of 'Q' and its revolutionary functions, only available for the AR-DV1, with eSPYonARD.

The Trial can be activated with a Code, so nobody has to download the program again.

New and existing users should read the new additions to the Manual. They explain the new functions in full, and I always recommend looking at the 'Changes Log' at the end of the Manual.

No apologies for providing a Manual, lol. Any program that claims it does need one is very unlikely to be the sophisticated software that a dedicated AR-DV1 owner should demand.

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