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The sound cards and the 2 13-port USB hubs have arrived and the new monitor should be here today.

I bought a new glass-top desk for the computer and the couple radios that will remain on the desk (2 HomePatrols, IC-746 and ICR8500, CDM1250 and TM731). I don't think the Icoms will fit under the monitor stand of the desk so they might go one on either side if they fit, this will leave room for the HomePatrols and perhaps the 536 if I decide to put it there.

I expect the serial cables in next week, so this weekend looks like it is going to be furniture assembly and moving. I am trying to decide to retain the rack cabinets or use this cube/shelf thing the wife likes. If I stay with the racks then she can have the cube thing for knick-knacks...

It looks like I am going to need some additional audio cables, so it looks lie a trip to Frys is coming us as well.
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