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Originally Posted by popnokick View Post
CW ID is WPNT858 but neither 463.6875 nor 463.5875 are listed for that license. Closest listed freq is 463.675. I'll check the calibration on my SDR.
Yikes, yes please do. I had made the assumption that you mistyped 463.6875 and meant 463.5875 (WPNP909 - Preston Park - Wayne Co).

But if the CWID is WPNT858 then I guess you may be off a bit on the SDR.

Although, Site 9 has CC of 452.775 (and only license with 452.775 is WPMZ507 (Carbondale / Lackawanna Co) -- the same place where WPNT858 is licensed.

So if it does turn out that you are actually monitoring 463.675 _and_ it's CWIDing as WPNT858, that's going to throw some confusion into the whole current site layout because it would bring into question Site 9's listing as being Carbondale.

From your stated area, if the signal on 463.675/6875 is really strong, then you certainly could be hearing into Lackawanna as well as one of the three other counties you mentioned.


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