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I'm leaning towards Site 10 being Preston Park. Why?
- all of its neighbors are around Preston Park
- the voice channel that TGs 601/751 were on was ch 671 (463.375)
- 463.375 is part of Preston Park (WPNP909)
- it's already in the DB as Preston Park (with CC 463.7125 -- WPNP909)

I'm leaning towards thinking that your SDR# just may have needed calibration and that Site 10's CC is 463.7125.

And thanks to your monitoring of that site, confirmation of existing sites / documenting of new sites can be done based upon the site neighbors:

site 7: cc ch 241: 453.000 WINDSOR NY (BROOME) or PECKS POND/BLOOMING GROVE (PIKE)
- if you go by licenses, 453.000 could only be WINDSOR NY or PECKS POND
- If Site 11 is Pecks Pond (and it probably is), then that leaves Site 7 as WINDSOR

site 9: cc ch 223: 452.775 CARBONDALE (LACKAWANNA)
- if you go by licenses, 452.775 can only be CARBONDALE

site 11: cc ch 211: 452.625 HAZLETON (LUZERNE) or PECKS POND/BLOOMING GROVE (PIKE)
- if you go by licenses, 452.625 could only be HAZLETON or PECKS POND
- and much more likely Pecks Pond since Hazleton would be a long way to be a neighbor of Site 10
- Hazleton already in DB as site 20 anyway

site 15: cc ch 174: 452.1625 UNION DALE (SUSQUEHANNA)
- if you go by licenses, 452.1625 can only be UNION DALE

site 16: cc ch 795: 464.925 SCRANTON (LACKAWANNA)
- if you go by licenses, 464.925 can only be SCRANTON

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