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Originally Posted by jonwienke View Post
I disagree. Many public safety agencies have discovered that encryption and interoperability don't play well together, and have backed away from encrypting everything. Washington, DC is a good example--encryption caused major problems during the response to a Metro fire and there was a fatality as a result. After that, the DC fire department quit encrypting everything and now only encrypts certain tactical channels.
Obviously you are missing the point. We are not talking about encrypting everything. We are discussing public safety as a whole. More and more departments like Law Enforcement nationwide are encrypting at alarming rates. There are a slight amount of fire departments rolling around in the idea and are starting to encrypt "some" of their comms.

This will impact the sales of scanners in general as a whole. People are not going to spend 400-600 bucks and above to receive channels that are not stimulating. DMR and NXDN is not going to cut the mustard long term.
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