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Originally Posted by jonwienke View Post
Obviously, I'm NOT missing the point. I cited an example of public safety agencies that learned the hard way that too much encryption is a bad thing, and went back to mostly unencrypted comms as a result. Reality eventually trumps paranoia, especially when multi-million-dollar lawsuits are involved.
You have 1 agency Washington DC Fire that turn back the clock a little bit. The rest of the country is moving forward no matter if there are multi million dollar lawsuits. These lawsuits will not hold up in court when it comes to officer safety. Do I agree with it, NOT. But this is the reality and this what these agencies are saying nationwide when they get sold the bill of goods when they encryption comes standard with new radios.

The hobby of this industry is dying as we all speak and there is nothing we can stand a leg on at this point. These cities and counties are going to move forward with encryption and LTE technology no matter if we like it or not. Sorry to spring the bad news but we all knew it was coming 5 to 10 yrs ago and it here. More and more of these older TRS are coming to their shelve life and the switch is being flipped when new systems are installed. It keeps bad people and the media out so they don't have to deal with bad behavior.

Scanner manufacturers have nothing up their sleeve when it comes to this technology. Yeah they can offer DMR and NXDN but this is not going to gather new listeners down the road. People want stimulation law enforcement and fire channels. This is what scanners were made for so people can know what is going on in their local towns. People on a whole do not buy 600 dollar scanner radios to listen to small business and taxi cab and concrete mixer drivers.
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