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Originally Posted by yaesu_dave View Post
It's amazing how ignorant the general public is regarding the FCC and licensing requirements. Last year here in Northern Utah, there was someone who had apparently bought a used VHF railroad radio on the secondhand market calling for "radio checks" and shouting stuff like "Breaker 19, Breaker 19!" on the Ogden Union Pacific dispatch frequency. It only took 2-3 weeks before Mr. Breaker 19 disappeared, so I'm guessing that the UP Railroad Police contacted the FCC and Uncle Charlie shut down the bootlegger. Since the licensing requirement for CB radios was done away with in the 1980's, people seem to think they can buy ANY two way radio and start jibber jabbering. Ridiculous!
lol jibber jabbering haven't heard that in years.

Anyways back to the topic. I have never heard anybody on marine, being so far from water. There are dear hunters around maybe I should listen more

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