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Default Planning Suggestions

I have a few suggestions for you Rich. I do not quite have the impressive setup rbm Rich has, but getting close with more than half that in Uniden radios and 3 computers running ProScan. One of the computers does have 12 instances of ProScan and 12 Uniden radios. Eventually, I will try and get everything running on two computers maybe even one. I just do not have the free time to tackle it. I have not seen those USB-1 cables, those are nice. I used other USB to serial adapters and those were flakey at times. I final found this and it has been rock solid. I now have three of them.

First suggestion is to install all the USB serial ports, of course one at a time. Each will give you a port number. Then with the radios in the order you want them, connect the serial cables in order. I then use the Serial Com Port numbers to label EVERYTHING. For example let us just say your first USB-1 serial cable starts at Com Port 4. So say you have 5 BCD996XT, label the first one BCD996XT-4, BCD996XT-5, BCD996XT-6, BCD996XT-7, BCD996XT-8 and then 5 BCD996T; BCD996T-9, BCD996T-10, BCD996T-11, BCD996T-12, BCD996T-13. I am sure you get the idea, just follow the com port numbering. I then use this naming convention on the ProScan installs also. C:\Program Files (x86)\ProScan BCD996XT-4\ all the way to C:\Program Files (x86)\ProScan BC780XLT-52\

Next plug in all the individual USB soundcards, they will also number sequentially. I renamed all mine in Windows 7 to match the radio naming convention. This makes it so much easier when you are in ProScan and picking the audio source. Especially sometimes when you reboot and things go crazy and you lose some. In ProScan you can easily see if everything stated correctly when you rename the Audio Source to match the Port Number.

Now you have to label all the cables to match the radio naming convention. If that is too long just use the Com Port Number. Label both ends of the Serial/USB cable and of the Audio cables. Label the USB soundcards and which port of the USB hub they plug into. Label the USB hubs. I bought a Brother Label maker, best investment ever for this. Label the antenna cables, label the power cables. Label everything. Trust me this makes a huge difference, when you add another radio later or something goes wrong and you need to troubleshoot a problem. It is difficult to trace wires back when they running in and out of cabinets and under desks to above the desk to different shelves. So Label all cables and at both ends.

When you start streaming and web server I even set my Server port to match my Com port 804, 805, 806. I then have a spreadsheet like rbm to keep track of everything also make sure you add what the radio does MilAir, Public Safety TRS, 2M Ham, whatever, in addition to Radio, Com Port, USB Audio Name, TCP/IP Server Port, Web Server.

I hope that gives you some ideas, trust me a little planning ahead of time will save you big later.
It is an ever expanding project. I think I covered most of it.

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