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Talking Regarding best dual band transceiver

Originally Posted by sparks40 View Post
Hello. I'm looking for everyones opinions, pros and cons of dual band (2m/70cm) 50 watt mobile transceivers. I'm getting ready to buy, and i've found both good and bad reviews, so i'm looking for your opinions and personal experiences with Kenwood, Icom, Alinco, and Yaesu mobiles. Thanks for your time.
The Chinese radios are fine. BTech tri band mobile is super for what it is. Bought Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom,etc.. the main difference between QYT 8900D and 350 buck flagship radios (3 listed) is about 200 dollars. If you want to get on the air and enjoy rapping and listening, consider spending less on rig and take extra cash and invest it in a quality antenna. Seems senseless to have the most revered radio and add on accoutrements and then be pinched to purchase the antenna that would do any radio justice. Like buying first rateHIFi system and using PC speakers that handle 10 watts. Don't always get what you pay for. Bells and whistles blended with talking about the radio more than talking and listening to the radio is the danger of any passion or creative endeavor. A dude that wants to play the guitar for the love of his gift from God will find a way to play a phone book and make it sound good. Not judging those who buy top shelf radios. Just food and possibly extra funds for thought.

God speed buddy
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