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Default WinRadio G33 - DDC playback?

A friend with a recently acquired G31 asked me about recording the DDC window which was something I had never done - recording the audio as a WAV file yes, OK, but not the DDC window. So I set up a schedule to record 100MHz of the 8MHz aero band 200kHz wide starting at 2300local 1100z. Now I have a file of 101MBits with the expected DDC files with a header or frequency, start time, and a few other bits of info, all looking good. Opening up "recording/playback" and browsing for the file, it's not there. It's there when looking for it with Explorer but not inside of Winradio. Do I need a playback plugin or what? The help screen and manual don't help much - tells me lots of things that I don't need but not what I do!

Any help gratefully received.
Cheers - Martin ZL2MC - Palmerston North
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