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Originally Posted by JSTARS03 View Post
Now you have to label all the cables to match the radio naming convention. If that is too long just use the Com Port Number. Label both ends of the Serial/USB cable and of the Audio cables. Label the USB soundcards and which port of the USB hub they plug into. Label the USB hubs. I bought a Brother Label maker, best investment ever for this. Label the antenna cables, label the power cables. Label everything. Trust me this makes a huge difference, when you add another radio later or something goes wrong and you need to troubleshoot a problem. It is difficult to trace wires back when they running in and out of cabinets and under desks to above the desk to different shelves. So Label all cables and at both ends.

I do have a labelmaker and use it liberally. I will label the serial cables with the Comm Ports, and then use that number for the radios. Hopefully I can get them to start at 1 and go up, I may have to force the com port numbers in the Device Manager to do that. I can then use that number for the other items and label each radio accordingly. AFAIK if I keep the cable in the same USB port it should retain the ComPort number thru a restart. I will check on that...

I also got another UPS for this computer, I use the existing one for the Mac.
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