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While I have some Yaesu and Icom dual band mobile radios, I mostly went the other direction. I bought single band dedicated commercial radios for my own use. While equipping a fleet of vehicles for VHF and UHF operation, it was easy enough to add additional Icom IC-F1020/F2020's to the list.

Later it was Vertex Standard VX-3200 and older CDM1550LS+ mobile VHF and UHF radios stacked in my car. Having two separate radios has been great when I needed true high power crossbanding and the use of both VHF and UHF at the same time. For one emergency response operation, adding these radios to a remote control stack was as easy as extending a data cable to each VX-3200.

Kenwood, Icom, and Yaesu have bee great for amateur radio use. However, for commercial use, I'll stick with Motorola and Harris.

I am staying away from Kenwood commercial radios until they sort out that whole EF Johnson, Zetron compatibility mess, and the Kenwood NXDN lockup issues.
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