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I do DDC recordings with the G39, G35, G33, and G31 all the time. Files can get quite large, but it is great being able to play back recordings using different demod / filter settings. Just make sure you have some storage space, my main radio storage is a 24 TB NAS, and I also have 12 and 8 TB NAS's with radio recordings on them. The 12 TB is dedicated to oddity stations, the 8 TB to numbers stations.

The G33 can record I/Q data files in one of two formats, either DDC or RXW. There is no secret to playing back recorded DDC or RXW files. Just "Browse" to the location and select the file. Then press the Play button (sideways triangle). If you are not seeing the files when you browse in the Excalibur GUI, but you are seeing them in Windows Explorer, make sure you have selected the right file type in the Browse window.

If, in the Excalibur program, you browse to the right location and do not see the file you want, try the other extension, possibly you accidentally selected the wrong format. To look for the other format, in the Browse window, to the right of the "File Name" window there is another window, it will say either DDC or RXW, probably DDC. Select DDC (click on it) and pull down to RXW. Then see if your files show up.

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