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At home, I typically monitor 5, maybe 6, scanlists (GRE PSR-500).

Two of the scanlists have less than 10 objects. One of the scanlists has dozens.

When I'm running around town with it, I typically only have 2-3 scanlists going, with a varied number of objects in each.

In total, I have 19 of the 20 main scanlists with objects in them, in my main "Virtual Scanner".

I have 7 or 8 VS programmed for different interests, however.

Three of them are for searching various trunked systems (the RWC/TOPAZ RWC, Maricopa County, and AZWINS) for active TG's. One is for searching a few other trunked systems, as well as various specific conventional channels. 2 others are for in-state road trips I have taken.

Peoria, AZ

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