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I attended an informational meeting about FirstNet a few years back. Here at least it will be pretty much just data. IN didn't spend all the money they did to upgrade the statewide TSYS only to see it superseded. And by taking control i.e. getting a plan in place before the deadline, where the Feds will come in and formulate the plan for us, IN was able to keep it minimalist and keep agencies here from becoming dependent on what we now know will be AT&T for PS communications.

There is a little encryption in my area, very little compared to the big picture. The vast majority of it is wide open. And people seem cognizant of the need to be aware that there are scanners around; I frequently hear officers asking each other if they're available for a "signal 6," or call on the cellular, or asking each other if they got a text message on their MDT. I've done it myself, the cellular thing anyway, when there was something I needed to communicate that didn't belong in the public domain. And I think that so long as this awareness persists, there will be only limited, if any, expansion of encryption here. I know others aren't as lucky as me...but I am expecting my scanners and my hobby with them to last for several years to come.
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