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Originally Posted by allend View Post
Yes the new ATT&T LTE cellular system being built out for Public Safety and Encryption is killing the scanner hobby and the desire to buy scanners at this point. There is no way of gaining speed again with sells of these radios. This is why you see Amazon and other retailers dropping their prices. When product does not sale then prices have to drop. So the direction of this hobby is not looking good. DMR and NXDN is really not going to keep this hobby together and turn this the sale of these radios in the right direction again.

Uniden made that big push a couple of years ago and had wind in their sails with the BCD436HP and the BCD536HP models and it took somewhat of a flop with the hardware related issues from the beginning and the siren app that is pretty much a waste of time and has never really worked that great. Plus Uniden has run reports off of and they see the encryption trend and the drop of sales. This is no mystery to them.

Honestly in my opinion the scanner market will not recover at this point. There is too much encryption being implemented at a high alarming rate nationwide. I have already heard and seen a slight amount of the fire service starting to encrypt and this is a horrible sign of the times.

There will never be a radio that will be-able to tune in LTE and Encryption for Public Safety. It's a lost cause at this point. Technology is not our friend in this community anymore
Ok where do i start, enc is not going to slow uniden down, lte is not going to be as popular as you think! If you think about why public safety use ht radios and vhf and uhf instead of just using smartphones or any cell tower lte or otherwise is one word...INTEROPERABILITY Encryption isnt that popular for the same reason, and the fact cities would pay significantly more for enc capability, because you have to pay for license fees for each radio. And the scanner market is more active now than ever before i do believe. More online retailers are carrying them and the pricing wars are why they go up and down.
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