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Default Lmr-400 for CB use with IMax 2000

Alright time to pick the minds of Hams that read the CB section or any CB'r for that matter.

So based upon significantly less DB loss I figured I could use 50' of LMR-400 for my IMax-2000 and it turns out there must be a mismatch somewhere in this configuration, since my normal 1.2 VSWR (SWR) has now shot to 2.1. I checked all connections and it didn't help. Replaced it with the old rg-8x and it's back to 1.2.

So this has me perplexed. I just picked up 200 feet of Heliax that should arrive next week at a good price of .75 cents a foot. Am I going to have the same problem with the Heliax. Or is there a chance that the cable is bad and all I really need to do is replace the connectors. FYI, the two cables (LMR-400 vs, RG-8x are exactly the same length).

So I might have overreacted but I bought a MFJ 915 Balun for use with that Heliax when it gets here. Either way I want to try it out anyways.

Is there something I am missing. Does anybody run LMR-400 for CB? Or just keep taking it down and turn the tuning rings then put it back up. I didn't have to mess with the rings when I use Rg-8x and does anyone know what way I turn them. I've looked online and I get conflicting answers.

The most common answer is that if your SWR is higher on 40 than on 1, turn the rings up.
if higher on 1 than 40, turn the rings down. But is that really going to fix the problem, right now 1 is 2.1 and 40 is 1,9.

I think I am just going to put the Rg-8x back on and deal with it until the Heliax gets here and then figure it out.

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