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Originally Posted by iamhere300 View Post
While FirstNet was not originally intended to replace PTT, look out. Motorola bought Kodiak for a specific reason, to be able to develop their PTT product specifically for Firstnet. Who is AT&T's partner for Firstnet for its software and applications? Yep, Motorola.

And insofar as implementation, AT&T will offer the QOS and Priority interruption, a big part of the Firstnet system, to agencies as soon as their Governor signs on to the system, it could be as early as the end of the year that agencies can start using it. They will migrate from the AT&T LTE system to the Firstnet LTE system as it becomes available.

One wonders why we could not have done that in the first place, but I digress.
Yeah, Kenwood bought a chunk of Sonim for the same reason. They had a few of the handsets at IWCE.

PTT over LTE is coming, we know that, but it's not necessarily intended as a replacement for all two way radio systems. No one should be throwing away their scanner or giving up on the hobby just because of FirstNet.
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