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Ok...beating my head against the wall. I have a Pro-668 and successfully installed Whistler v4.5. A couple days later, I uninstalled GrefTool v0.2.0.3 and installed v0.3.1.5 so I could update the scanner to v4.6. I checked all the files to make sure I have the correct versions.

I connect to the scanner using GrefTool Under the "Settings" tool I select the Pro-668 as the scanner, WS-1080 as firmware and my correct Com Port the scanner is attached to. I can successfully connect to & send my computer time to the scanner. But when I go to upgrade the firmware, the "Update Firmware" button never goes live and I can't select it - either the icon nor from the pull-down menu.

Using a PRO-197 and a Pro-668 to monitor South Carolina