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Originally Posted by mejnetguru View Post
I'm curious. How many objects to others often have programmed into their scanners? Dozens, hundreds, thousands?
Originally Posted by mejnetguru View Post
Not exactly. I also typically only scan a few objects at a time. I'm curious how many objects folks program into various scanlists/favorites/etc. overall so they can be made available for use without re-programming. Not necessarily that are being used at one time.
For the past several years and a grand total of 1651 objects:
  • 20 Trunked Systems
  • 1249 Talkgroups
  • 381 Conventional Frequencies
  • 1 Service Search

A vast majority of this is for roaming around, interoperability channels, and unknown TG/frequency discovery. A few systems and talkgroups are also duplicates for when I want to lock onto a specific talkgroup on a specific site.

Between two scanners on a typical day, I would be listening to 164 objects:
  • 1 Trunked System
  • 131 Talkgroups
  • 32 Conventional Frequencies

It may look like a lot, but 80% of it is normally not used in my area on a daily basis. They are distributed between 7 scan lists.
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