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My post from another website yesterday.....

****6m was great this evening -- wish I had gotten back on earlier! I have only been on the band for a week or two. Like I mentioned earlier, I just have an HF dipole up 20 ft. that I use on 6m with 100w. I currently am SSB only, but hopefully CW soon....

I got on at about 7:30 PM local time and heard an EI on CW (first DX heard) followed by working two VE stations (first "DX" worked) followed by several station in the Northeast followed by a station in Montana (First multi-hop Es worked)!

After that, I decided to call CQ, not expecting much, and quickly generated a large pile-up of stations both to the north and west! I worked the pile-up until about 8:10 PM local time and then went QRT for a quick supper. 20 minutes later at 8:30 PM local I started up again and continued to work a pileup to the far Northeast until about 9:15 PM local when the band totally died.

I ended up working about 50 stations on SSB, most of which were worked while running. That was a TON of fun! I can't wait for the VHF contest this weekend!****

73 de KM4SII
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