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In general the father away you can keep metal the better. actually if you can keep things about a half wave (like 3 1/2 feet on 2 m). you will be all right. think of the duct work as part of the antenna -it will interact if it is in the 'field' of the antenna and how much is somewhat dependent on where in the field it is.

IF you can, set up the antenna so the duct work is 'part' of the ground plane (on the same level). You may want to think about a smaller antenna (say 1/4 wave) over the duct work rather than a 'gain' antenna that needs more room. The instructions for your antenna may have some information on how close other objects can be. If you have metal too close, the antenna 'pattern is affected -sometimes drastically with a huge effect on directionality or range.

Experiment and remember to have fun.

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