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Yes, this used to automatically mark it sold as soon as someone completed payment and now it doesn't. I would suspect something changed on the PayPal end and the "signal" from PayPal back to RR is no longer happening.

This needs to be fixed but RR needs to completely overhaul the classifieds section - it is obviously, by function and appearance, outdated. Half the time (or more often) pictures people have updated do not show up. That shouldn't be an issue. Also, people do not get notifications of comments being posted. The list goes on. It is a GREAT tool to have the feature on here and I do not want to see it go away but it is past time for RR to step up and replace it with a system that functions properly. I appreciate RR providing the service and know that in the past it worked better but now days it is outdated. Time for an upgrade.

What's the plan, Lindsay?
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