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Originally Posted by KingLeonidas View Post
Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone could help me figure out which is the best way to go. I'm looking at purchasing two Icon F6061s, one for my vehicle and one for my wifes for when we travel around. I need these for communications in parts of the state where there is no cell coverage in the national forest. Since I'm looking for mobile-to-mobile on GMRS which is better for security and reducing interference from other stations? Encryption on the D units or go analog with a voice scrambler. I apologize if this has already been answered on a different thread, but I couldn't find anything.


I'd go with the digital units and use the built in 15 bit digital scrambler. ICOM's analog scramblers are junk. Fixed inversion or split band scramblers are useless. Their rolling code split band scrambler is pretty simple too. Based on a limited key code that you assign it, it chooses 4 different split points and hops sequentially once per second.

Using the radios in digital mode with 15 bit scrambling will provide better audio over analog and will provide a bit more privacy compared to the analog scrambling options. It would be enough to stop most casual eavesdropping.

Do as you wish, but I wouldn't program them with gmrs frequencies due to rules about scrambling/encryption and digital modes.
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