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My input - do some homework. The scanners are MUCH (MUCH) more flexible. I have a G4 but only for it's ability to receive simulcast P25 systems that scanners have trouble receiving. However, the Unications are not perfect... and have I mentioned that scanners are MUCH more flexible?

In a big city, reception is probably not going to be a problem (with the possible exception of simulcast issues). Here on the southern edge of North Carolina, I have several towers of NC VIPER that are 7-9 miles away and as far as I know are not simulcast. The G4 is having trouble receiving these towers from time to time - probably because as with many systems, the VIPER system towers are along the highways and are intended mostly for use by the highway patrol vs. in building.

Scanners can be programmed on the fly - the Unications cannot. The Unications are going to give you P25 (Phase 1 only right now) and conventional (P25 or analog) and that is all. Scanners will do ALOT more than that. When purchasing a Unication, you need to pick your frequency bands and you'll be limited to those frequencies. Scanners will cover the range of frequencies and bands. When P25 Phase 2 is finally released, the MSRP upgrade price for the Unications is reported to be $150 (we're all hoping that the actual price will be far less but only time will tell). So, a P25 Phase 2 enabled radio may be as much as $725. Scanners are significantly cheaper at this point.

My recent experiences also suggest that the Unication is not a good option for travel/road trips - at least not while going from point A to point B.

Lots of things to consider unless you have the funds to purchase both a scanner and a Unication pager.
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