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Exclamation Inside Battery Lithium Pack 7,4V and Protections !

I have "open" a battery pack , in my web site you can download the PDF of this , here:

you can try near the end of my wbe page , in the section called " DMR radio ..... "

- sorry is in italian language but you can used the google translator for english !

- is a litium battery pack of an retevis dmr radio

But i think the battery pack is similar .... inside like the KENWOOD PB-42

there are 2 lithium battery connect to a PCB that :

- Protect to overcharge (over 4,2 volt ) !

- Protect to overdischarge ( down 3,5 volt ) !

- and MOST IMPORTANT charge this 2 elements in BALANCE MODE

if the battery NOT put out any voltage is probably the INTERNAL PCB protection

is an Seiko Sii integrated circuit smd at 8 pin and 2 mosfet dead , but the

battery are ok !

before you put your battery pack in the rubbisch , open and control this !!!

REMEBER that if you have problems inside the TH-F6 kenwood there are 2

smd fuse .... i indicated this fuse in another PDF article in my web site !

best 73 de IW2BSF - Rudy
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